Sunday, August 28, 2016

End Of The Road

Tuesday, July 19, 2016



I can hear you from afar
I feel your heart beat
I can feel the warmth
Of a broken dream

I walk alone
I continue my journey
Searching for something
That I know now is missing

It’s hard to say goodbye
To the one that is so dear
That in my whole life I can’t bear
Not to be with you.

I close my eyes and dream
Just to see you again
To mend the pain
The pain that we both made

Monday, July 18, 2016



Playing a guitar without a string
Doing musing without a tune
Dancing without rhythm
Having songs out of tune

Laughing in tears
Crying without tears
Walking without destination
Dreaming while awake

Life that is not breathing
Heart that’s not loving
Playing without a game
Firing without an aim

This is the life without you
Life that is not true
A mistake that I can call
That made my life fall

How can it be?
How can I mend thee?
A broken heart
A broken dream

Hoping that you are still with me
Dreaming that you will still be there
Crying in vain
Just to cure the pain

I know its goodbye
I know that’s the last wave
I know I will not you
And so I wave goodbye and say hello.

Sunday, July 17, 2016



All alone in the rain
Mending the pain
Because of the time
That slowly gone

Yes you left
And I never felt
That I am alone
The time I am with you

Pouring tears never help
The pain that I kept
It’s sad that you not with me
But I should go on

How can I mend the broken heart?
How can I stay alone in the dark?
How can I continue?
The life that is now messed up

I will travel with a heavy burden
I will continue the journey
Looking for something
That I still don’t know

I still wish that you are here
I still hope that I can hold you
I still dream of being with you

Even you are gone

Sunday, July 10, 2016



We said goodbyes
And so it goes
We departed
And never meet again

It has been a long time
I hope you still remember me
The one who loved you
The one always on your side

If I ever see you again
I will tell you how much I love you
I will not let time pass
Without showing how dear you are to me

If I can only turn back time
And I will meet you again
I will make sure that every moment
Is a moment that we will treasure.

If I could see you again
I will make sure that our love will prosper
Like the flower in bloom
And will never wither

I will ever see you again
I will make sure that every moment
Is music in tune.
With beat and harmony

If I could see you again
But the will be when?



I can you see
I can feel you
You seem so near to me
But I cannot touch you

You are blue as a gem
You are precious like heaven
You are calm like paradise
And I wish I there floating with you

I want to feel the breeze
I want to be wrapped
Around your tender love
I want to be in peace

You are my dream
A dream where I will lay
Where I will share my last breath
Because you are my heaven

You are unreachable paradise
The untouchable heaven
That everyone wish
And dream to stay forever

Heaven is happiness
Heaven is calmness
How can I be there?
How can I reach you?
How can I be with you?
How can I be there?
And when can I hold you?

For sometimes I feel you
I just close my eyes
I just stay alone
And that’s the only way
I am with you

Sometimes I feel you when I am sad
When I am in tears you comfort me
When I am alone you are with me
When everything is dark you give me light

Is heaven means sadness?
Does it mean loneliness?
Can I only feel you in tears?
Can I only see you when I close my eyes?

They say paradise is heaven
They say happiness is heaven
They say laughter is heaven
But why is it different?

How can it be a paradise?
If I am alone
How can it be happiness?
If there is tears
How can it be called Heaven?