Sunday, March 27, 2016



As I look up the sky
I remember the times
When you and I
Dream together as one.

My tears start to fall
Like rain in the summer day
Flows like a river in the desert
That dries in an open sea.

I would like to reach you
But I know you are far away
I want to hug you
But you are not beside me
It’s like a nightmare while you are awake

If I can only fly
To have you
If I can only be beside you
To hug you and say how much I love you

It will never come true
Because you are gone
Gone and will never come back
All I have is none from you

My love turned to dust
Blown by the wind
Dead and buried
Like a long lost memory.

Thursday, February 11, 2016



I hear drops of rain
Hear it falls on the roof
It makes me wonder
How did it happen?

I feel the breeze
It hugs me and comforts me
I ask myself
Why should the wind do that?

I hear the music
It has harmony
It has rhyme and rhythm
I ask why it should be like that.

I open my eyes
I saw people
People that struggle to live
Why is life like that?

It’s like a dance
You can’t make it without a sound
A sound that makes you move
That makes your dance meaningful

I open my mind
And I just understand why
Why everything should happen like that
Because it has reason to make our life balance.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016



I started to move my feet
Move towards to nowhere
Started a step
To make a long journey

I started to walk
Heading to somewhere
That I don’t belong
But trying to discover what’s in there

I started to see
See something I don’t know
But I still continue
To see for myself what I can do

I many faces
Faces that I don’t know
Faces that first time I saw
But still I continue

As I pass through with every step
I see faces
Faces of Happiness and sadness
But I still continue

I started to ask why
So I did continue
But still the answer cannot be found
So I did continue

I pass by paved roads
No trees
No rivers
No flowers

I told myself
This is a different wilderness
Wilderness that I cannot explain
Wilderness that you can see everyday

A type of wilderness that you cannot see in jungle
Nor not available in the forest
Not even in valley
Not even under shaded trees

This is the reality
Reality of life
Life that lives in wilderness
Wilderness that us can explain


Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Like the flowers that blooms
It starts from a bud
It shows its beauty
Then it withers

Just like the tide
It comes rushing to the shore
Kisses it
And Leaves

Just like the wind
It breezes
And lets you feel the comfort
Then it’s gone.

Like the love
You want to see it forever
But there are times that doesn’t allow
So you let it go.

The love that I gave to you
Was so precious
So pure
So clean

I let it flow just for you
To the purest I can do
But you let it go
You find someone new.

I told myself that I will let you go
Because happiness is what I look forward for you
I hope I did the right thing to do
But I know that I will miss you so

Even though I love you
I will let you go
And so I say Good bye
Even I do love you so.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


As you feel the swift wind
You start to stretch your wings
You take a glide
And take the pride

Your sound so clear
That echoes to the mountains
The sound like a hymn
A natural orchestra of the wild

You glide with beauty
That cannot be compared
You are the condor
Condor that glides

You may be a harm to others
But yet you are a beauty
Just like the tide that braces the shore
The water that swiftly falls

You are like a ballerina
So graceful
So perfect
And so beautiful to watch

There’s no mountain so high
There’s no plain so wide
A valley that can hide
Because of your wide eye
You are a condor.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Just close your eyes
Hear the sound around you
Extend your hand
Have few steps

Let the wind blow
Be like the cotton light
Be like a bird that is on its glide
Imagine that you are holding the heaven now

Let the rain pour
Let your body sweat
Have your tears flow
Express yourself like nobody is watching.

Let your feeling flow
Let your body move
Let everyone know
Let them feel what you feel

Have the flight of your life
Tell your story
Just move your body
Gracefully dance for the world