Sunday, August 30, 2015


As you feel the swift wind
You start to stretch your wings
You take a glide
And take the pride

Your sound so clear
That echoes to the mountains
The sound like a hymn
A natural orchestra of the wild

You glide with beauty
That cannot be compared
You are the condor
Condor that glides

You may be a harm to others
But yet you are a beauty
Just like the tide that braces the shore
The water that swiftly falls

You are like a ballerina
So graceful
So perfect
And so beautiful to watch

There’s no mountain so high
There’s no plain so wide
A valley that can hide
Because of your wide eye
You are a condor.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Just close your eyes
Hear the sound around you
Extend your hand
Have few steps

Let the wind blow
Be like the cotton light
Be like a bird that is on its glide
Imagine that you are holding the heaven now

Let the rain pour
Let your body sweat
Have your tears flow
Express yourself like nobody is watching.

Let your feeling flow
Let your body move
Let everyone know
Let them feel what you feel

Have the flight of your life
Tell your story
Just move your body
Gracefully dance for the world

Sunday, March 22, 2015


I stumble, I fall
I crawl, I stand up
Taking a chance
To know my own strength

I was not build to be brave
To fight a battle
I was not build with power
To save her

I was not meant to live further
I didn’t know my own strength
I was not built to break
But I crashed her

I was built for nothing
But I don’t know I can change something
I didn’t know my own strength
And I change her

I talked to my soul
And ask if I can it
I don’t have the power to conquer
I just know what I live for

I was lost
Lost for long time
I thought I never find my way.
Because I don’t that I have strength

I thought I cannot flip my own wings
I thought I can’t cross a river
Or even climb a mountain
I didn’t know my own strength but I move through.

Now I know what I can do
I know what I live for
Now I just need to flip my wings
And fly with my own strength.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


A friend is a person that loves you at all times
No conditions
No words

A person that cares,
A person you can count on
A person who is ready to move mountains
Ready to cross the widest ocean
Dive the deepest sea

If you feel you’re crying
You can lean on my shoulder
I will wipe your tears
I will make you smile
Because you are a friend
A special person
That is already a part of my life.

If you feel that the sun is now setting for you
I will make it shine

And if you are in your darkest night
I will let the stars fall
And let the moon shine

If you feel you are falling
I will hold your hand
I will let you stand
And face the world again

Just always remember
I am always here
I am your friend
And I will always be here

Friday, January 2, 2015


I started to laugh
But you started to sob
I started to smile
But you started cry

I tried to hold you
But you started to ran away
I started to tell you
But you told me to go

I know that you are hurt
But I dont know what to do
Because you dont even listen
Listen to what am telling you

Comfort is not enough
Care for you is like a wrath
That chaos of life that you have been
And left you crying in vain.

You still have your life
A life that needs to be treasured
Even if it is not pampered
But at least IT will be remembered

Think that life is a gift
That nobody can be a theft
Because you own it forever
And you can make it happy whenever

I dont ask you to be fruitful
I just told you to be thankful
Because life is beautiful
And it should be treasured.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


The first time I saw you
I told myself that it will be you
I started to pray that someday
You will be with me and you will say I do

The next time I saw you
You are wearing the sweetest smile
That I can see
 Even a thousand mile

I started to pray
Hoping that one day
You will make my dream come true
And you will say I do

Now you walk down the aisle
Wearing that sweet smile
I cannot believe that its true
That you and I is ready to say I do

I promise that I take care of you
No matter what happen
Even disaster will not make it broken
For you are my everything
Everything that made my dreams came true

God gave me you
A treasure that cannot be compared
Because you are the answer
The answer to my prayer