Sunday, June 26, 2016


Everybody fall sometimes
And find the strength to rise
From the ashes
And find a new beginning

Don’t you give up now?
The sun is till shinning
And even the sky is falling down
I have seen miracle just happen

Impossible is not a word
Journey is done by every step
Go ahead and take it
And always keep believing

Even if your dream is on top of the mountain
Just continue
Remember that even the sky is gray
Sun will always shine on you

Dreams can always move a mountain
Even if your sky is falling down
And the world is telling you cant
Just believe and you can make it.

If your dream is like too wild
Just go and chase it
Until you grab it
Hold it in your hand

Chase your dream
Even you fall
Stand up and continue
Just chase it because its for you.


I now you heard stories
I know you want to go
I know your mind is traveling
I know you want to come home

Your love will take you home
Home is the place
The place of your comfort
A place you always dream

Home is you will always go
In times of darkness and rain
Thunder and lightning
Home will always be your shelter

Even you are far away
Just close your eyes
And love will take you there
The place you always call Home

When love takes you home
Everything changes
Everything feels alright
Even you are far away

Even you can’t reach by your hand
Home will still be there
Waiting for you
Love will take you home.


Come on guys, wake up
Sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day
Trail is clear and inviting
Saddle up your horses and we are ready to go.

We will journey to somewhere
Somewhere that we don’t know
We will go for an adventure
Adventure of our life
So saddle up your horses.

We will find the missing piece of my heart
We will run through the wilderness
So come on guys
Saddle up your horses.

Saddle up your horses
We will go for an adventure
We will find the piece
We will go for adventure with our horses

Saddle up your horses
Saddle up
Saddle up and be ready for adventure
Until we find the missing piece.

Thursday, May 19, 2016



Let the moon shine
To light up your night
Let the stars glitter
To decorate you broken heart

Let the leaves fall
To give way to spring
Let the flowers bloom
To color your world

Let the night ends
To give way to sunshine
Let the wind breeze
To comfort your lonely heart

Life without you is nothing
I always sit here waiting for you
Waiting that one day you will come
But you are gone and will never come

Let the river flows
Like my tears of sadness
Let the mountain rolls
Like the an obstruction of love

Let birds sing
Calling for you
Let the wind blows
Whispering your name

I close my eyes
Feel the warmth that is gone
Holding you in my dreams
I know you are gone so let it be.

Sunday, May 15, 2016


I keep watching
I keep walking
I continue to fall
But it did not stop me

I set up a journey
A journey looking for something
Something that still I don’t know
But I still continue

I keep watching
I keep walking
Is there a way I can find ye
Is there a sign I can see

I lost my way
And I don’t where to go
But still I continue
Because I know time will show

Is there a road I could follow?
To bring me to where I want to go
Is there someone to guide me
Or should go alone all along

I lost my way back home
I hope you are here to guide me
But i know that you are not with me
So i need to go alone

Is there a way I could find you
Is there a way to find you
To bring you way back home
Home where should we be

In the darkness of my dreaming
I know that no one will reach out a hand
I can go alone along
It will be great if someone reach out

I don’t care if I fall
I don’t care if I lost my way
All I know I can go
To where I don’t know.

Saturday, May 14, 2016


Rain drops
Tears fall
Heart cries
And life dies

Trees grows
Flowers bloom
Leaves are green
And it all ends up dry

Rivers flow
Bends in every valley
Cross every mountain
Ends up in a wild blue ocean

A child is born
And gone

Love grows
Lasts and gone